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        Management Philosophy

        TFC is a technology and service oriented company, thus the?satisfaction of the customer is always our goal. By visiting customers on site, TWTFC is not only committing to high quality of the products; but also keeping good relations and becoming knowledgeable about their needs and concert O Quality Assurance.

        In order to manufacture high quality products, the company employs "the Tatung quality assurance system". Under the total quality control and the quality sense of "do the right thing at the first time", all of the physical and chemical properties of raw materials, semi-finished and final products are analyzed and fine tuned with various precision analysis equipment to insure the products with high level of performance.

        Research and Development

        In order to provide our customers with new products & technical service, Tatung Fine Chemicals Company established the Research & Development Department. Meanwhile, several professors of Chemical Engineering Department of Tatung Institute of Technology work as our consulatants. There are several newly developed products, such as Cationic Epoxy Electrodeposition Coatings, Cationic Acrylic Electrodeposition Coatings, Resistor Coatings, Universal Colorant and other new products. We have the latest precise instruments in our R&D laboratory. Those includes Gas Chromatography, Gel-Permeation Chromatography, Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer, Thermal Analyzer, Weather Resistance Tester, Corrosion Resistance Tester, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer and Combined cyclic corrosion test instrument.

        Our Commitment in Service

        ?uReal assistance at customer plant locations, analysis of customer needs, speedy response to customer requests, innovative support of customer goals.?v

        Hence, we deeply realize.....

        The Success of our customer is in portion of our success.

        Thus, it is our ultimate goal for seeking customer's full satisfaction and reliance. To fully involve and implement the six fundamental power of products (superior performance, excellent quality, punctual delivery, full exertion to promote products and income exceeding expenditure) to win customers' total satisfaction as well as their confidence to TFC.

        Technical Service

        Human resources represent the most vital asset in Tatung Fine Chemicals Co. The potential of every worker is fully developed through the detailed planning, organizing, staffing, and continuous education.

        The Personnel Division conducts the training and development program for each employee. It operates the appraisal and motivation system and provides the long-term career planning and development for the workers.